America’s New Drug War: Florida’s Bill to Ban Kratom

America's Next Drug War

Kratom is a plant that is currently legal in most states in the United States, but illegal in it’s native country of Thailand. The plant is used to manage pain, and alleviate anxiety and depression. It is all so used to help people from addiction to pharmaceutical drugs, heroine, and opiates because the plant effects the opiate receptors of the brain.  Just like cannabis, there are no reported deaths from using kratom.  Kratom is facing the same fate as cannabis in the US with government legislature, propaganda media, and corporations like Big Pharma lobbying to make it illegal for medicinal use.

Three states have currently made kratom illegal. They are Indiana, Tennessee, and Vermont, and now Florida has filed bill HB 287 which would make kratom a schedule 1 drug. Read more here…

The youtube video below highlights testimonies from many people who claim the plant has made them pain free, addiction free, and has virtually saved their lives.

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