Support Veterans For Legal Kratom

veterans_jobs_photoKratom is a plant that is currently legal in most states in the United States, but illegal in it’s native country of Thailand. The plant is used to manage pain, and alleviate anxiety and depression. It is also used to help people from addiction to pharmaceutical drugs, heroine, and opiates because the plant effects the opiate receptors of the brain.

Three states have currently made kratom illegal. They are Indiana, Tennessee, and Vermont, and now Florida has filed bill HB 287 which would make kratom a schedule 1 drug. Read more here…

Many veterans are finding kratom to be beneficial in helping with PTSD, plus many other ailments and injuries associated with serving our country.

Side effects are minimal, when compared to pharmaceutical alternatives. There is not the danger of fatal overdose, as there is from prescription and illicit drugs.

The below video includes testimony  from veteran Adrian who claims to have been suffering from severe nerve pain that left him wheelchair bound and drugged on countless pharmaceuticals.  After using Kratom he experienced immediate results. Today he is wheelchair free and has a whole new life ahead of him.  Watch video to listen to Adrian’s story.

To help stop Florida’s Bill HB 287 from making kratom a schedule 1 drug,  the wife of a disabled Marine has offered to help other disabled veterans get free order credit for $75 worth of kratom. All she asks in return is that you write a letter to help Congress and the various State legislatures. Help them see why this herb must be kept available for those who want to use it.  Read more…

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