Please Help Mr. P Get Well


My sweet Mr. P is sick. He has been losing weight and has some dental issues. His Vet bill is overwhelming for me and I am very very broke right now. He had some lab work done today to find out what exactly is wrong with him. The vet suspects he has kidney issues and a possible thyroid problem. I have an itemized list of costs coming to nearly $1,000. I am asking for donations to help cover the costs to get Mr. P well. The best way to donate is by paypal. There is a donate button right above to right on this blog site.  You can use paypal, debit, or credit card. Thank you.

Below is an itemized list of his Lab costs:
Senior 3 CBC,Chem,UA,T4,Fel,V,FIV, $205.
Radiograph $150
Radiology Consultation $60
Total $415.

Procedure Costs
Scale & Polish Teeth $200.
Tooth Extraction $ radiograph $50
Buprenex 0.3 mg/ml -10 doses pain med 5 $38
Convenia Injection 80 mg/ml Antibiotic $55.00
Total treatment plan charges $543.00
The estimated price range is between $343. and 686.00 on the his tooth cleaning and extraction – depending on how many teeth need to be pulled.