Theme Song

Theme song-One Take

I did not expect to do my own rap on the Freedom of Joyce theme song.  Originally, I had an idea to take sound bytes from comedians whom I felt expressed transcendent concepts with humor and intelligence.  I diligently chose my favorite lines from Bill Hicks, George Carlin,  Charlie Chaplin, and Russel Brand. Especially, Russel Brand when he outed Hugo Boss for designing  Nazi German uniforms at the GQ Awards. Brilliant!

I imagined all of my favorite sounds bytes mixed to trance or techno music. In my minds eye I saw kids dancing to the music with brightly colored lights swirling  in a European bar when I realized I didn’t own the copyright to use any of the material.

My friends at Dot Com Records suggested that I do my own rap on the beat that they created.  The vocals on the track are Travis John CEO of Dot Com Records and myself. We titled the song One Take because we both recorded it in one take.




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