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I love stand-up comedy.  It is my favorite art form to play in, I feel that stand-up comedy plays a very important role in the well-being of humanity.  Through stand-up we can become enlightened with knowledge and fear can be diminished with the genesis of a laugh.


When I first started stand-up comedy the goal was to get on The Tonight Show, or David Letterman.  it appeared that the path of the modern day comedian was to get on “television” which would hopefully lead to a “sitcom” and work in “film”.  Historically, the role of the satirist has existed and played a role culturally long before the invention of television.

In my opinion, mainstream media often hinders a comedian’s true expression because it’s objective is to socially engineer and program us to live in a matrix that serves a designed agenda.

Being a stand-up comic is like being a cowboy,  Instead of guns, ropes, and spurs, the satirist uses words, wit, and stories. The laughter is the bullet that shoots ideas, perceptions, and concepts into our collective existence resulting in pleasure, joy, and happiness.

Some comedians are modern day prophets who give pearls of wisdom,  knowledge, and truth, with the potential to uplift the course of humanity for the positive.

The below videos are some of my favorite routines from comedians whom I feel have achieved the above statement with ultimate finesse.

Bill Hicks – It’s Just A Ride

George Carlin – The American Dream

Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator

I was a comedian who bought into the  Hollywood matrix. My goal was to have a sitcom, HBO or Showtime special.  At the time “fame” was my definition of success.  Red carpets, designer clothes, People magazine, and celebrity parking, I was cool. I didn’t have to wait in line. I was on the guest list, and I had a VIP wrist band to get into the special room that had the special food and drink. Where there were “real celebrities”.  Okay, maybe they were reality stars who lied about their grandmother’s death to get immunity for another week on the show…but… they were still famous and sang some bitchin’ karaoke.

I was on the first season of a reality show called Last Comic Standing. The year was 2003  and reality television dominated mainstream stream programming. In 2003, reality television became a category at the Emmy’s  and our season Last Comic Standing was nominated for best reality show.  American Idol was in it’s 3rd season and Joe Millionaire was a huge hit.  The “reality star”  became a desired vehicle by many to jump start a career whether it be acting or entrepreneurial.  Actors and Porn stars were having career comebacks from reality television no matter how pathetic they were portrayed to the viewing public.

Being on a reality show feels like a journey through the pupil of the Eye of Horus.  The experience reminded me of a 70’s film about the depression era titled, ” They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”.

This is what reality television is really all about.  It is about 100 rats who are sick of being on the rat wheel to only stop occasionally for a mere pellet and sip of water.  100 rats compete to get a grand pellet worth a million dollars and development deal to have the rat sitcom of the century.  Eventually, there are 10 rats left standing. Now we get to watch each rat pick at each other in a controlled game of Darwinism Level 3 “Who’s the funniest?”.  My point is, “Can’t we all just be funny?”

Reality television perpetuates the belief system of I win, you lose. Survival of the fittest means how much of your personal and moral integrity are you going to give up to “Have it all?”  Then, the machine edits the show and has audacity to call it “Reality Television”.

I have now officially become a reality television whistle blower.

In 2007, I was in raid by the DEA because I was in a doctor’s office located next to a medical marijuana dispensary. It scared the crap out of me. I feared for my life. Once the fear went away, I looked around and had a self-realization. ” Oh my god.” “How did it get this bad?” I’ve been asleep.

So, I decided to do something about it.  I’ve decided to tell the truth, and this is just the beginning…

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