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Pope Francis and Obama’s Plan To Fast Track the NWO with the TPA

Why has Pope Francis visited the United States at this time in human history? Why has Pope Francis addressed the United States Congress?

The reason is climate change legislature that is going to be decided on this November in France with the European Union.  It is all about the TPP and TPA.  President Obama and Pope Francis will both be attending this crucial climate summit.

Leaders_of_TPP_member_states_1The TPP and the TPA can be confusing.  Here is a brief explanation to simplify it:

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a proposed trade agreement between several Pacific Rim countries concerning a variety of matters of economic policy. Among other things, the TPP seeks to lower trade barriers such as tariffs, establish a common framework for intellectual property, enforce standards for labour law and environmental law, and establish an investor-state dispute settlement mechanism.


The fast track negotiating authority for trade agreements is the authority of the President of the United States to negotiate international agreements that Congress can approve or disapprove but cannot amend or filibuster. Also called trade promotion authority (TPA) since 2002, fast track negotiating authority is a temporary and controversial power granted to the President by Congress. This final approval to legislation granted President Obama “enhanced power to negotiate major trade agreements with Asia and Europe.”

To explain this in layman terms. The TPA  allows any president to make a trade deal with the European Union and create legislature that can be fast-tracked without 2/3 vote from congress and be implemented into state law violating the Constitution.

Theoretically, very soon you may have to abide by new climate control legislature that will require you to buy and replace all of your appliances from only companies approved by your state legislature.  Your energy use will be monitored and you can be  fined for over usage or not having the proper appliances.  This state legislature will not be voted for by the people or their representatives in Congress, but dictated by the President of United States and the European Union.

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions gives a thorough and in depth  explanation on how this works in the video below.

So, why does Pope Francis come to America and address climate change on the White House Lawn? If the Pope endorses the validity and reason for climate change reform, then millions of Americans will be more likely to drop to their knees and bow their heads like docile children while their Constitution is sodomized by the man they “think” is closest to God.


We will submit to this because it is already being marketed to us as “Green Jobs” “Green Sustainability”.  You must do your part to save the planet. Well, if the powers that be really wanted to “go green” or create “green jobs” they would get the EU to trade and legalize hemp. It is common knowledge, that hemp provides paper, fiber, fuel, food, medicine, and it is biodegradable. But… No… Instead, we are going be taxed, boxed, and triangulated into a faulty unsustainable system that will continue to frack, pollute and create wars for the archaic use of fossil fuels all in the name of the all mighty dollar.

On the 8th day Satan created the TPA and Satan was pleased.